#Pool Party Ride Follow @MaxTravesty Black resident: This was not a racially motivated event Benet Embry, a 43-year-old black resident, saw things differently. Embry has lived at Craig Ranch, a planned community in McKinney, for eight years. He said it’s a nice place. Racially diverse. People get along there. Embry: 7 ‘knuckleheads’ ruined pool party for all Embry: 7 ‘knuckleheads’ ruined pool party for all 03:16 PLAY VIDEO He said when he was at the community pool Friday, a crowd of teenagers showed up, even though Craig Ranch’s strict homeowners’ association rules prohibit bringing more than two guests to the pool. The teens huddled by the gate and shouted to let them in. Some jumped over the fence, Embry said. A security guard tried to get them to leave but was outnumbered, so the guard called police. “Let me reiterate, the neighbors or the neighborhood did not call the police because this was an African-American party or whatever the situation is,” he said. “This was not a racially motivated event — at all. This whole thing is being blown completely out of proportion.” Embry did say he was disturbed to see the officer kneel on top of the bikini-clad girl and wave his gun at other teens. “I may or may not agree with everything that the police officer did, but I do believe he was trying to establish order,” he said.http://ift.tt/1JFMzfG Noggers gonna nog and liberals feel bad when they get corrected for their stupidity. **** this country.

Pool Party Ride
More info @ http://ift.tt/1MFiJbb
Posted from Max Travesty – http://ift.tt/1E8Tham
June 10, 2015 at 05:06AM


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